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At the heart of Mission Viejo, Faith Family Chiropractic's mission is to provide the community with unparalleled musculo-skeletal health care for pains that originate from joints, muscles, ligaments, fascia and nerves from infancy to the golden years. 
Our core values and methods of patient care considers: 
Individuality, Vitality*, Holistic, Biomechanics, Posture and Patient's Needs & Goals.
We pride ourselves to provide biomechanically sensible diagnosis for our patients that explains the source of the disease including what predisposed our patients to their conditions and what maintaining factors there may be.
Our Methods aim to be in line with current scientific research and based on current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.



  • The life force, all that opposes ill health, the resultant force that is vital for staying alive is vitality. 

  • Vitality denotes consideration of the whole and not parts when considering health and disease.

  • The degree of vitality determines the degree of our resistance to damage as a result of physical and mental stresses.

  • One should aim to increase one's level of vitality when considering to become healthy & happy.


Our Doctors
Dr. Javad Faith, D.C.

A clinician managing pain for over 20 years, Dr. Faith has examined and treated thousands of patients suffering from pain. 


He began his work studying human physiology in 1989, graduating from the University College London in the United Kingdom in 1992, specializing on human nervous system as well as general human physiology (science of how the human body works).


Dr. Faith continued study of science of human diseases and natural therapeutics at the British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy (currently called British College of Osteopathic Medicine) in London, graduating with an honors degree in 1996. 


He then started his clinical practice as an osteopath and soon started teaching clinical practice including examination and various manual ('hands on') treatment modalities at various osteopathic universities in the United kingdom.


He practiced manual osteopathic medicine as practiced in the United Kingdom, that is different to that practiced by most US osteopaths.


His style of practice focused on reaching a holistic diagnosis that was clinically and bio-mechanically sound, involved a thorough medical history taking followed by a thorough 'postural analysis' linking any bio-mechanical anomalies found to the clinical findings from physical examination findings, thus allowing a 'holistic diagnosis' which incorporated all aspects of patient's life leading to his or her disease. 


His treatment methods were mostly hands on using myo-fascial techniques and craniopathy as well as gentle adjustments followed by providing his patients with rehab exercises and advise on life style to help patients with self help strategies.


He practiced and taught osteopathy up to 2012, when he immigrated with his wife and son to the United States.


In the United States, he chose to study Chiropractic at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, an establishment renowned for its particularly scientific approach to chiropractic education.


Chiropractic allowed Dr. Faith means to further his education in human biomechanics and available manual therapeutic modalities as well as a thorough education in radiology and physiotherapy, while able to utilize his prior experinces and knowledge of human response to physical manipulations in response to illness.


Below is a list of his experiences:


-Lecturer & instructor in treatment techniques including Spinal, Peripheral joints & Visceral Manipulation (Adjustment) Techniques, Functional Soft Tissue Techniques, Cranial (Craniopathy) Techniques and Rehab Exercises & advice on active daily living.


-Organized and delivered specialist courses in Cranial Osteopathic Techniques (2009-2011); Obstetric and Pediatric osteopathic care (2009-2012). 


-Clinic supervisor to osteopathic students at university clinics.


-Practiced clinical manual osteopathy 1996 to 2012, both in private practice and in the United Kingdom's National Health Service.





Doctorate in Chiropractic: Southern California University of Health Sciences: 2012 - 2015



Special Activities & Attended Seminars 2012-2015:


• Chiropractic Bio-Physics

• Toggle Recoil

• Functional Movement Screening

• Yoga

• Sports Massage

• Wellness & Patient Education

• Cox Technique

• Graston: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Technique

• Activator Techniques

• Introduction to the Thompson

• Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

• Full Spine Diversified

• Posture Analysis and Corrective

• Swedish Massage & Sports Massage



Post Graduate Diploma Osteopathy:

(Greenwich University): MSc in Osteopathy modules

at the European School of Osteopathy (Maidstone, UK) / Greenwich University (UK):


• Obstetric Osteopathy (Accredited) 20 credits 1998


• Pediatric Osteopathy (Accredited) 20 credits 1998


• Neurophysiology & Pathophysiology (Accredited) 20 credits 1999


• Research methodology (Accredited) 10 credits 1999


• Statistics (Accredited) 10 credits 1999



BSc (Hons):


• Osteopathic Medicine (1996 / British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy (currently

called British College of Osteopathic Medicine) / Westminster University / London / UK).


• Physiology (1992 / University College London / London / UK).



Undergraduate Diplomas:


• Naturopathy (1996 / British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy / London / UK).

• Osteopathy (1996 / British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy / London / UK).


Seminars and workshops / Further Trainings 1996-2001 (UK): 


• Cranial Osteopathy (September 97): 46 hr Course / Sutherland Cranial College

• Osteopathic Care of Mother & Baby Conference / ESO / 02-1998

• Medical Emergencies in Clinical Practice / ESO / 04-1998

• Visceral Osteopathy Course / Pelvis / Visceral & Obstetric Society / 12-1998

• Visceral Osteopathy Course / Abdomen / Visceral & Obstetric Society / 06-1999

• “Memories” / Physiology of Tissue memory / ESO / 03-2001

• Osteopathic Approach to Trauma / J. Barral / 02-2002

• Integrative Osteopathic Approach / Renzo Molinari - CPDO, London / 06-2002

• Sports Osteopathy/ MSc Module /ESO / 02-2003

• Dry Needling Course (Medical Acupuncture) / Dr Anthony Campbell / 06-2005

• Management skills; Conflict resolution; Interviewing skill /NHS / 2006

• International Conference & workshops, Palpation Skills / ESO / 2006


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